We were delighted to have been asked by the Meath Epilepsy Charity in Godalming to design the logo for their new café and workshop, Changing Perceptions. Opened by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in December the aim of the café is to help supplement the Meaths income after cuts across the welfare sector.

Old donated wooden furniture is given a new lease of life by the clients of the Charity and then the furniture is sold in the café. The café sells speciality teas and Barista coffee plus some of Café Meath’s finest home made cakes and light bites. Already extremely popular and with a fun, family friendly space at its heart, it is a wonderful meeting place for many young mums during the day.

Meanwhile, the workshop is going from strength to strength. It’s been very hard to slow the progression of furniture through the store enough to photograph it! The team sold everything out of the front window the very first week! But it has proved very popular with the whole community and is drawing many volunteers keen to help with what is a very eco-friendly and highly ethical enterprise. And so much fun!

Please spread the word and keep onations of old wooden furniture coming in. Manager Fiona will be offering workshops soon in the Godalming shop to enable people to learn the various refurbishing and painting techniques themselves. The Meath are definitely on their way to changing people’s perceptions… about the Meath…about disability…and about home-style!


Changing Perceptions

I absolutely love the Surrey Business School. Not because they are ranked in the top 20 in the UK by the Guardian and Complete University Guide. Not because they are academically rigorous and practically relevant or for their many accreditations. I love them because they are normal and understand that business isn’t always about the hardest, largest and fastest. It’s about people. And that’s the bit most of us at some point or other find difficult.

I’ve been asked to deliver three talks to undergraduates at the University this year as well as mentoring MBA students. The first of my talks will focus on bullying in the workplace, something I have experienced numerous times in my career. The second is about personal branding online, both hilarious and hideous! The last is to sixth form visitors to the University and the opportunities before them. Do they have a duty to consider higher eduction in our free society? Big subjects. Great course.

Go consider for yourself http://www.surrey.ac.uk/mba

I’ve been asked to speak on the 26 February at the EHDC Business Strategy Breakfast. Here the council will present it’s five year business strategy. It’s aim to become the ‘most business friendly council in the country’. Providing support to businesses is key to our growing economy and business leaders have a duty to voice what is needed to help businesses flourish. Let me know if you are attending and would like to chat http://www.businesseasthants.org/2015/02/east-hampshire-business-breakfast-briefing/

Cain Caser – OMG

November 25th, 2014

I discovered Cain Caser the artist today. Having studied myself for five years at art college and been a graphic designer for ahem…well over 20 years it’s mind blowing when you find a new flavour for your eyes. The colours are bright and intense, your eye tries to take in the form and the colour at once and leaves your heart beating really fast. Well that’s what happened to me!

Cain was a graffiti artist in his youth “As a kid growing up I was obsessed with graffiti. I lived near the end of the Metropolitan line so everything that was going on in London was delivered straight to my doorstep. The people, style, mystery and adventure of it completely fascinated me. By twelve years of age I had started writing graffiti and at sixteen it was dominating my life.”

Interviewed for Graffuturism, Cain said, “The paintings have been conceived as portraits. The motivations of my younger self, ego and excitement, are the same cues that I paint by today. My working method currently is to cut up and photocopy sketches with paint on paper creating a collaged drawing which then serves as maquette for a painting.”

Cain Caser - John Butanehttps://www.flickr.com/photos/caincaser/14616511874/in/photostream/

Bend it like Beckham and Brady

October 28th, 2014

Victoria Beckham has been named UK’s top entrepreneur, worth £210m. She is now the more valuable of the ‘Brand Beckham’. The 40-year-old beat Amit & Meeta Patel, Auden Mckenzie and Julian Dunkerton.

Victoria Beckham has become a “supremely talented entrepreneur in the fashion business. She’s got a real business, some design talent and some business nous,” said Andrew Saunders, the deputy editor of Management Today. “She gets a lot of stick for being a celeb fashionista but I don’t think that’s fair. She has built something real out of her own celebrity which is quite a contemporary story. She deserves to be celebrated.”

There are many more female entrepreneurs energising Britain. As one of Britain’s leading business figures our client Karren Brady CBE is also a high profile inspiration. Her spectacular rise to the top in business and football, her parallel careers as newspaper columnist and author, her extensive work for charity – and, of course, her starring role as Lord Sugar’s right-hand woman in TV’s The Apprentice.

Now, I must get on…I’ve got my first million to make.

What does Miley Cyrus twerking and your personal brand have in common? This wholesome, pure teen, reinforced the message that a ‘good girl’ can be a success. She was a role model for our kids and Disney’s darling. Then over one MTV night she changed. There was no gradual personal brand shift here. She needed to find a way of staying relevant whilst continuing to grow her fortune.

It was a bold and clever move and not one I’d advocate. However, she increased her twitter following by 112% and her Facebook by 250k! Those are stats we like the sound of.

So should we all be twerking our personal brand? In our own distinct way yes, provocative, wholesome, professional or in your pyjamas…you decide.

South Downs National Park - Designed by Farrow CreativeA brand is more than just a logo. We all know this in the sense that your brand is your values and how you act on those at every point of contact. What I mean is that it takes years for a logo to be recognised on it’s own in isolation. When we design a logo the hard work continues to the look, feel and ethos around the logo. We describe the logo as being the core. It’s got to be perfect but it’s just the beginning of what we do.


Take our branding for South Downs National Park for instance. After the logo was signed off work began to build a picture around the logo. From the website design to the vehicle decals and signage everything started to take on a distinctive look. It’s our job to steer the brand and give it the right voice, the logo is just the start.

As part of our continuing support for Guildford Cathedrals ‘Make your Mark’ appeal we attended the swanky ‘Dinner in the Nave’ on Saturday night. I had the good fortune to be sitting next to the guest speaker Michael Portillo and the Rt Revd Ian Buckley, Bishop of Dorking.

Michael Portillo and Sam Farrow take time out for a selfie.

Michael Portillo and Sam Farrow take time out for a selfie.

Michael Portillo is an amazing speaker, very funny and self deprecating. He told a wonderful story when I asked him what it was really like to work with Mrs Thatcher. The auction raised over 20k on the night. Almost worth throwing yourself off the top of the Cathedral for!

We are proud to be based in Petersfield and Guildford and understand the value of supporting other local organisations and businesses. Today we have offered a work placement to a student at the Petersfield school (under 18) to help them develop new skills and gain experience in the world of work.

Introducing students to our studio can help them understand the creative work environment, choose future study or prepare for related employment. We usually offer a short placement where they will have the opportunity to observe and get stuck into real live projects.

What we get out of this is a great sense of fulfilment, helping future generations to understand their opportunities and potential. This takes time of course, students are often unsure and nervous. With two children of my own I understand their uncertainty.

But you’ve got to start out in the world somewhere, by the end of the century there will be 10 billion people on the planet. So where better to start than the safe, fun, creative environment of Farrow Creative?


Farrow Creative. Terrified!

Terrified. Yes.

Climb the 249 steps to the roof of Guildford Cathedral, and you’ll enjoy wonderful panoramic views across the city and the Surrey countryside 160 feet below. Unless your name is Sam Farrow, that is!

On Saturday 26 April, I abseiled from the roof’s highest point to help raise the £7m needed to equip this wonderful building for the 21st Century. In particular, the acoustic plaster in the ceiling vaults urgently needs replacing: without this vital restoration work, the Cathedral – the last to be built in England – may be forced to close.

I’m pleased to report I reached terra firma safely: no undergarments were harmed in the making of this epic descent.

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s donated so far – and if you haven’t (or forgot) it’s not too late! You can donate online at www.everyclick.com/idontlikeheights

I will be splitting the monies raised between the Cathedral, and our ‘house’ charity here at Farrow Creative, Disability Challengers – www.disabilitychallengers.org