We’re a multidisciplinary agency – a curious, quick-thinking group of like-minded partners and friends, working together to deliver creative work we truly believe in. We know that producing great work is an iterative process, born of collaboration between our designers, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and developers – and, most importantly, you. Preferably with a good laugh along the way.


Key Strategy Team

Sam – Creative and Managing Director
Sam founded Farrow Creative in 2006. Her 20 years’ experience as a graphic designer include working as head of design at Meridian Television and Surrey County Council, where she headed up a major re-branding project that produced £2 million in savings across the authority. She has a Masters in Graphic Communication from Kingston University, where she was also a member of the teaching faculty; she’s currently a regular speaker on the MBA programme at the University of Surrey.

Sam has assembled a specialist team who share her passion for design and dedication to producing top-quality creative work in print and online. As well as outstanding planning and client liaison skills, she brings an infectious enthusiasm, a penetrating eye for detail and relentless determination to every project she works on. Not to mention her wicked sense of humour.


Teddy – Head of Barketing
Teddy believes if you’re not truly IN your business – heart, mind, soul and strength – chances are one day you’ll find yourself OUT of business. It’s a simple, binary attitude his distant lupine ancestors understood completely. Whether eating, chasing a stick/ball/cat, barking at the postman or tearing bags to shreds, you’ll see Teddy does it wholeheartedly: total focus and engagement, no half-measures. He sleeps like the dead one moment, then he’s wide awake and ready for action the next. He’s either fully on or fully off; nothing in between. When he’s in, he’s in; when he’s out, he’s out. Unlike a certain other, inexplicably popular, domestic companion animal species he could mention, you know where you stand with Ted.

Join us

We look for a special kind of person to join us at Farrow Creative. Someone hard-working, relentless, dynamic and passionate, obviously. But that’s just the start of our wish-list. You can learn the technical stuff: we’re looking for the things no one can teach you. Enthusiasm. Drive. A desire to go beyond what’s expected and produce work that’s genuinely remarkable. And come back tomorrow ready for more.

Above all, we look for someone who’ll leave their ego at the door. We’re a family, and we treat each other with respect and common courtesy. Sounds like your kind of place? Then please call us for a chat.