Bishopstrow College

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Established in 2006 near Warminster in Wiltshire, Bishopstrow College is an independent residential study centre for international students aged 7-17 years. The College’s specialist academic and English language programmes are designed to prepare pupils for entry into leading boarding schools in the UK and overseas. The website is the key marketing channel for the College, which recruits students from more than 20 countries worldwide. Pupils are aiming to progress to some of Britain’s most prestigious schools, so it was important that our design presented Bishopstrow as authoritative, credible and rooted in the independent-school tradition. However, it also needed to show that the College is forward-thinking, innovative and in tune with a competitive global market. In addition, we had to consider that English would be a second language for most users.

Our design is based on bright, blocky colours, giving the whole site a fresh, energetic and contemporary feel. We’ve also made the navigation simple and intuitive, based on visual rather than textual links wherever possible. Images are crucial to capturing the culture and atmosphere of a school, so our design makes extensive use of our art-directed photography. We carried the website’s look and feel into a new printed brochure, which is sent out to agents and parents around the world for use in student recruitment. To give the brochure the necessary premium feel, we used a high-quality paper stock; at the same time, we were aware that the brochures will be mailed worldwide, so we were careful not to increase the overall weight. As with the website, we made extensive use of images, and ensured that the text was concise, clear and easy to read.


“We are delighted with the new website for Bishopstrow College. The design concept exceeded our brief with clever use of colour to highlight important links. They have captured the traditional values of the College with a modern contemporary design that is easy to use and is responsive on all devices. Excellent discussion and communication took place throughout the project which was delivered to a tight deadline.”
- Jane Gallie, International Recruitment Manager