These workshops, led by senior members of the Farrow Creative team, are your chance to take a fresh, objective look at your brand and wider business. Through discussion, case studies, individual and groups exercises and Q&A, you’ll go on a fascinating, revealing and potentially surprising journey to the heart of what your business is, does and stands for.

Brand Audit & Strategy

Initial Brand Strategy Workshop

This back-to-basic workshop looks at the three pillars of a successful brand, and helps you identify the basic truths that give strength, credibility and meaning to your brand. You’ll be encouraged to look objectively at your brand, and begin the process of:

  • Understanding what a brand is (and isn’t)
  • Establishing your brand position
  • Clarifying your brand proposition
  • Determining your brand personality
  • Defining your brand essence
  • Developing a brand strategy

Initial brand strategy and tone of voice workshop

As well as the topics covered in the half-day Initial Brand Strategy Workshop, this all-day session considers the vital question of tone of voice: the words you choose and the way you use them when you communicate with customers. You’ll have a chance to explore a number of key considerations, including:

  • How tone of voice fits into your brand identity
  • Knowing your audience(s)
  • Finding the right level
  • Differences between print and online communications
  • Using (or avoiding) jargon and technical terms
  • Keeping it fresh, real and relevant
  • Creating your own tone of voice guidelines